CakePHP is a free, open-source, rapid development framework for PHP. It's a foundational structure for programmers to create web applications. It enables you to work in a structured and rapid manner–without loss of flexibility. CakePHP takes the monotony out of web development.. Being open source, it also saves development cost of any web application. Its Model-View-Control architecture supports clear bifurcation of design, development and flow of the website. As one of the first PHP frameworks created, CakePHP is among the most popular PHP frameworks today. It is widely trusted and used by some of the biggest brands in the worl. It allows modular development that makes sense, and it’s architecturally solid and performant. CakePHP is the most efficient way to handle high volume of users without issues.

CakePHP Advantages

Open source platform-The first and foremost rule of making a commodity popular is the fact that it should be easily accessible and open to all.

No pre-configuration required – It does this on its own by auto-detecting all the settings that are to be configured. No complicated XML or YAML files. Just setup your database and you’re ready to bake

Object Relational Mapping is a technique through which data is converted between an incompatible system using an object-oriented programming language. Cake PHP has an outstanding inbuilt ORM and is highly capable.

Easily Extendable- Cake PHP allows you to create reusable code parts that can be reused for more than a single project. Instead of extending its own libraries, functionality can be given to components, helpers, plug-ins, and behaviors.

Friendly License – CakePHP is licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use in Commercial applications

Security- Cake PHP has built-in security and authentication. It protects the security of your application much more than any other framework. comes with built-in tools for input validation, CSRF protection, Form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS prevention, helping you keep your applicationsafe & secure.

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